Master Vehicle Mover

The New Improved Aerodynamic 2010 Master Vehicle Mover
with Optional Self Contained Trailer Package and Articulating Broom!

  • Traffic Incident Management

"Master Vehicle Mover" or MVM™ is the new, easy, and safe way to move wrecked or disabled vehicles.  The new design, with its own self contained trailer device, allows the MVM™ to be deployed to traffic incidents with first responders and move the disabled vehicle(s) to the shoulder of the road.

The National Traffic Incident Management Coalitions Recommends Opening As Many Lanes As Possible, As Soon As Possible And Minimizing The Number Of Personnel And Equipment On Scene.  The Master Vehicle Mover Accomplishes Both Of These Priorities.  Any First Responder Outfitted With The MVM Can Quickly And Immediately Clear The Highways Without Delay Instead Of Waiting For Other Specialized Equipment To Be Dispatched
To Clear The Scene.

  • time is crucial

minimize lane closures

decrease secondary accidents

For every minute a lane of traffic on the highway is blocked it costs each commuter four minutes of their time. Block a second lane of traffic and the highway looses 80% of it's capacity to move traffic. Average clear times on accidents can exceed 60 minutes of more. A typical two car accident blocking multiple traffic lanes can be removed from the roadway and onto the shoulder in two minutes or less once the MVM™ has arrived on scene. Utilizing the MVM™ will allow the highways to be cleared quickly and save your community time and money.

  • Strength, Visibility, & Ease of Operation

The MVM™ operates much like a zero turn mower, or skid steer, and is capable of turning in its own foot print. It utilizes a 4X rubber track drive system to easily maneuver cars and light trucks from the roadway. The MVM™ is highly visible, maneuverable and rated for 3,500 pounds of lift.